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We are the experts in roof repair, we are duly certified by GAF that trains and approves only the best roofers in the country in addition to making sure that the contractor is duly authorized and insured so that they can offer the best guarantees.
Urena Roofing & Contractor LLC assists homeowners with roof repairs and
management. Inspect your roof, help with your insurance claim, and provide free estimates.

Whether you're looking for help with new construction or need roof repairs on an older property, Urena Roofing & Contractor LLC is your best option.

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Ventilation and Attic Soffits Vents

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We offer the advantages of a large company, with the personal touch of asmaller company. Our low costs allow us to offer competitive prices that otherroofing companies cannot and our "quality" approach is your assurance that wewill provide you with the best possible customer service.

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